Almost Human Update

Four episodes have aired. This show is going down the shitter real quick.

That banter that I thought would be great between Kennex and Dorian has become grating. Any chemistry they had at the onset has vanished. Dorian is still working those blue face lights for dear life. The writing has been atrocious, as has the pacing. In the third episode, “Are You Receiving”, some thugs take some hostages in a building downtown. They are holding them on the 25th floor. Kennex and Dorian are shown security footage that shows the bad guys are clearly on the 25th floor. Do they beeline for that floor? Fuck no. They slowly clear each floor on their way up. And by clear each floor, the look through a window in the door then keep going. It takes more than half the show for them to get anywhere near the 25th floor. Of course, the Angry Executive fully objects to them being the only cops in the building. Of course the bad guys said “No cops.”

Poor Andy Bellefleur showed up in last week’s episode about a possible dirty cop and a drug called The Bends. I had the fucking bends after watching this episode. It’s not great. Since November sweeps is over, I am curious to see what Fox is going to do. “The Bends” was seen by 5.896 million viewers, landing the show in 9th place for the night.

I am not liking the direction the show is heading. If it gets any worse, I’ll quit this shit and let you know.


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