The Bunny and I watch an absurd amount of television, and we recently jumped on the Amazon Prime bandwagon so it will only get worse. I’m no expert, but I certainly have an opinion on all the stuff we watch.

We will give any new show 3 episodes to hook us. Why 3 episodes? Who the fuck cares? Just know that we will watch 3.

If it starts off good, we’ll watch. If it starts shitty, you’ll hear about it immediately. If it starts good, then turns shitty, we’ll fill you in on that too.

The Bunny comments on everything he watches on Twitter (@thelettergrade). I review here. We don’t always agree. If we did, we’d be fucking robots. If we aren’t watching something that you are, let us know and we’ll watch and review. It is our duty to explain to you that what you are watching is trash.

Please enjoy,

Maximus & The Bunny

We are The Letter Grade.

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