The People’s Couch



Actress Brandy Howard. Actor Julie Goldman


A reality show where “real people” are filmed reacting to various TV shows that they are watching.


It is fucking hysterical. Bravo only aired 3 episodes, which is a damn shame. I missed the first episode, but the other two are on my DVR permanently. So the people watching TV are supposed to be real people. I guess actors are real people too, but by “real” you assume they aren’t in the business. The second episode bounces around through 8 sets of people: the 3 queens (one of which was a child actor that was on Star Search, Full House, etc.), sisters Amanda & Kenya, of course Julie & Brandy, the Blanda family (the mom is drinking and she gets INTO it), the Bradley-Redd family (the mom and the sister are the ones bringing the LOL’s; the mom was one of Barker’s Beauties), sisters Cathy & Destiney, Tina, Tarz, & Baby Tarzie (they are gross, and have the world’s widest bed), and the Egber family (it’s a mom & dad and two of their sons all in bed together. The sons have to be gay, one of them was uncredited in The Bling Ring and has like 5 credits on IMDb).


In the episode, The People watch Catfish: The TV Show, The Voice, I Dream of NeNe, American Horror Story: Coven, Abby’s Ultimate Dance Competition, and Beyond Scared Straight. While watching NeNe, Barker’s Beauty’s daughter says, so matter-of-factly about NeNe, “You can’t tell me she don’t look like a chocolate Big Bird.” Hilarious. NeNe hired a busted ass wedding planner. Brandy: “That’s it, you’re fired fucking Tiffany. Take your gold leaflet blouse and kick rocks, bitch!” Gold. While watching Catfish, mama Blanda was like, “I need a margarita!” Meanwhile, she has a giant glass of chardonnay on the table in front of her. With ice cubes in it! But after the commercial break, bitch has a big ass margarita. I like a woman who can change lanes and hit the gas like that just watching a bullshit show on MTV. By the time they got to Beyond Scared Straight, mama was a fucking mess. She went THROUGH it. My favorite is Kenya. She is too many things. I wish I knew how to post video clips. When they are watching AHS: Coven, her reaction to Precious being on the show is priceless. Kenya is on the right in the picture below.

Amanda & Kenya


The end credits.

I wish this show was like Dateline in the 90’s. An hour-long and on 4 nights a week! I never want it to end. But the interwebs tell me that the show was cancelled, which gives me the sads. If you ever come across them, record them and never let them go.


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