Jonathan Groff was in The Conspirator with Robin Wright who was in I’m Still Here with Nathan Lane.

Frankie J. Alvarez was on Smash with Christian Brole who was on The Good Wife with Nathan Lane.

Murray Bartlett was in Girl Most Likely with Andrea Martin who was in Becoming Fosse with Nathan Lane.


The show follows the lives of three gay men living in San Francisco.


Just about everything so far. I like this show alot. I think it is a realistic portrayal of gay life. It’s not glittery and sugary like Will & Grace, nor is it booze and drug fueled like Queer As Folk. But that is not to say that the show isn’t racy. In the episode “Looking for Uncut,” Patrick (giving Jesse St. James realness) picks up a hot Latino at a bar, takes him home and is audibly disappointed to discover that he is not uncut. Scandalous! Or when Agustin loses his art job, and randomly meets a hot blond piece who identifies himself as a sex worker, and decides maybe he can sell some man ass. This week’s episode is called “Looking for $220 an Hour” and I can’t wait. As for Dom, he hasn’t done anything beyond the realm. So far he’s fucked a Grindr twink and caused a scene in a hotel when an old flame comes to town for closure and doesn’t reimburse Dom for the 8 G’s worth of rehab he paid for.

I am totes (yeah, I said it) along for the ride. I like these boys and am looking forward to seeing what they get into. What I am really want is for Patrick to get on his new boss, Kevin (Russell Tovey, who was in The History Boys with Frances De La Tour who was in The Nutcracker in 3D with Nathan Lane). Despite those ears, Kevin is hot. This show isn’t Girls for guys, it’s guys for gurls.


The Bunny doesn’t believe that these three would be friends in real life. Patrick is a video-game developer, Agustin is an artist, and Dom is a career server at a restaurant. I think they would, but I can see why he would feel that way. Just based on their jobs, they would all run in completely different circles. Patrick would be out with nerd hipster types at bars like 16-Bit. Agustin would be with art people (no fucking thanks), and Dom would be at the bars every night getting twisted and chasing dick with the service industry crowd.


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