Michael Mosley was in The Proposal with Ylian Alfaro Snyder, who was in Good Deeds with Eddie Cibrian.

Kevin Daniels was in Kate & Leopold with Natasha Lyonne, who was in But I’m A Cheerleader with Eddie Cibrian.

Kevin Bigley was in The Dilemma with Queen Latifah, who was in Living Out Loud with Eddie Cibrian.

Jessica McNamee was in The Vow with Wendy Crewson, who was in What Lies Beneath with Katharine Towne, who was in But I’m A Cheerleader with Eddie Cibrian.

Kelly O’Sullivan was in In Memoriam with Sadie Rogers, who was in Medal of Victory with Richard Riehle, who was in Say It Isn’t So with Eddie Cibrian.


A comedy about three Chicago EMT’s who get into all kinds of shenanigans while saving lives.



These three paramedics are outrageous. First, there is Johnny (Mosley), who is usually the driver. He is kinda hot, and gives me Nick from New Girl. But hotter. He is kinda all-American is his views and demeanor, and interestingly, he is straight but not narrow. His partner, Hank (Daniels), is the black guy. He is a big ol’ queen, and from the stories he tells, he is out trollin’ for dick when he’s not at work. I could have sworn he played a Star Trek before, but I checked, and he hasn’t. And no, I’m not racist. I know not all Star Trek aliens look alike. In the first episode, they get a third guy in the rig, Brian. Brian is a box of fucking rocks, but he’s real cute. When Johnny & Hank are first told about getting a new guy, they were told that he was ex-Navy SEAL. They were like, “Oh, God!”, with the eye-rolling. Then they ask Brian about it, and he’s like, “No, Easter Seals. I volunteer.” Maybe I didn’t do that any justice, but I chuckled.

While Brian is trying to kill himself through his own incompetence, and Hank is dick-hunting, Johnny is pining for his girlfriend, Theresa. She is CPD, and looks like the love child of Jennifer Garner and Kate Beckinsale, with Garner providing all the dominant genes. Her partner is the Old Spice Guy (Isaiah Mustafa was in The Three Stooges with Jackie Flynn, who was in Say It Isn’t So with Eddie Cibrian). Hank is living for Old Spice, but as far as I can tell, he is not a series regular so Hank can keep that horse cock in his pants.


There are only three reasons. Sirens airs Thursday nights at 10p. You’re either an OU student (so you’re at the bars), a girl (so you’re bawling watching Grey’s Anatomy), or you’re old (Wheel has gone off, so you’re asleep in bed with your teeth out). That is why DVR was invented, so set it up.


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